About Samaritan Woman Ministries 

The ministry was founded by Pastor Brenda D. Rogers in Oct. 2002  .I was "saved" at a tent revival on May 25, 1985. I came from a background of knowing I was unloved, unwanted,unneeded, abandoned and rejected. I was also bound by spirits of nicotine, alcohol, promiscuity and drugs. I felt unworthy of anyone's love. Through God I have overcome the rejection and I have found out who the real "me" is !God has let me know that I am accepted and loved by Him and others. the deliverance God has given me is nothing but amazing! "If you could see where Jesus brought me from to where I am today you would know the reason why I love Him so"!

He is my Life, my Source, My Strength and my Shield-all that I am today is because of HIM!


Samaritan Woman Ministries  is under the covering of Rev.Marion K. and Dr. B.J. Relefourd,Sr.Pastors Vision of Life Ministries ,Inc. Lawrenceville GA.






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